What is Brownv Microblading?

Perfect brows are here to STAY Is there any better feeling than waking up every morning and knowing that your brows are looking 10/10? Nope, didn't think so! Microblading is semi-permanent make up which leaves clients with flawless brows day in, day out, making this a hugely popular and profitable beauty treatment. Don't hesitate to

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Should I Invest In Online Training?

Beauty education is currently being put under scrutiny in the industry. Elements of poor training and inadequate qualifications, alongside easily accessible professional products to under-educated users, are unfortunately very real aspects of the UK industry. The Creative Beauty Group has been an established training provider for almost 14 years and has taught hundreds of successful

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Meet our newest Marketing Team Member…Hollie!

Hey Hollie! As The Creative Beauty Group continues to grow within the nail and beauty industry, it has reached another milestone by appointing Hollie Bryant. Hollie's role will be to develop a vision to grow our brands and work along side our existing marketing team, especially with our Digital Media Assistant (and new marketing bestie!)

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The Importance Of Upskilling

your reputation as a professional is not only important to you, but is essential to your clients and, if applicable, colleagues and employer. Keeping your knowledge, expertise and skills up-to-date is a key aspect of ensuring your continued excellent reputation as a professional practitioner. Constant updating of skills is vital to success in any industry,

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