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Nail Courses in all regions of the UK. Nail training courses for beginners through to advanced. Gel II courses, Acrylic nail courses, Gel Nail courses and complete nail courses.



Entity Studio One PolyGel Skill Building Course

  Entity Studio One PolyGel is the latest technology in nail enhancements that will reshape the way you do nails. Studio One PolyGel by Entity gives you the lightweight feel of natural nails with the durability of acrylics. This versatile product is light enough to create nail enhancements on natural nails, strong enough to build

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Beginners Entity Polygel Course

PolyGel® Nail Enhancement LET NOTHING GET INTO THE WAY OF YOUR ARTISTRY STUDIO ONE’STM, monomer free PolyGel® formula* fuses strong acrylic and hard gel polymers with soft polymers for easy, intuitive application. STUDIO ONETM will rede ne how you do enhancements. And, STUDIO ONE’STM pre-mixed formula is always the perfect consistency straight out of the

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Beginners Liquid & Powder Courses

ENTITY NAIL ARTISTS LIQUID AND POWDER BEGINNERS COURSE – 4 DAY This course is designed with the beginner student in mind and will teach you all you need to know about every aspect of the Entity Nail Couture Liquid and Powder System. Finally, a sculpting system designed to meet both the needs of the

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Beginners Gel Polish Courses

Gel II® Manicure 2 Day Beginners Course This is a course for those wanting a career in natural nail care, it gives you the knowledge to become a natural nail care specialist in the ever- popular gel manicure industry. This course is based around the award winning Gel II® gel polish manicure system. We believe this to

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Beginners Builder Gel Courses

Builder Gel 5 Day Beginners Course (Removable Gel) Welcome to the ultimate nail course for beginners. This intense course is spread over a period of 6 weeks, covering a fascinating, in-depth book of knowledge and hands-on technical skills in order to deliver a high level of performance. Learn how to repair broken nails, create forever french,

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Conversion Liquid & Powder Course

ENTITY NAIL ARTISTS LIQUID AND POWDER CONVERSION COURSE Become well versed in Entity Nail Couture’s Liquid and Powder System, and understand a system that guarantees purity, resilience and workability. Designed for the qualified nail technician. WHAT YOU WILL NEED Full working Kit Implements/Tools Model required practical training Proof of certification One Day/ 9.30am-4.30pm Course Cost

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Conversion Builder Gel Courses

Skyscraper® Builder Gel System Conversion Course This is a course for existing UV Gel nail professionals that wish to change the products and system that they are currently using. Whether you have been doing UV Gel nails for 5 minutes or have been in the industry for 5 years we can offer the most up to

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Entity Dip & Buff Course

ENTITY DIP AND BUFF This is a course for those looking for a system that can offer a fast solution to strong, lightweight nails, with just a simple ‘dip’ in the Entity dip tray and a quick buff, you can be confident to leave your clients nails with a coating that has the feel of

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Skyscraper® FIX IT! course

FIX IT! Do you have client’s arrive to their nail appointment with the occasional broken nail? Do they look to you to FIX IT? Well, now you can! Natural Nail Care Professionals enter into the world of Skyscraper® Enhancements with our 1 day Skyscraper® FIX IT! Class. Skyscraper® Removable Builder Gel is designed to smooth,

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Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design

RAVE ART & DESIGN Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned professional nail artist the Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design class is designed for everyone looking to hone their skills and be inspired! Any nail professional will be able to elevate their skill set, create salon successful designs whilst adding

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