The hottest trend in brows since Microblading! Brow Lamination has been dominating the red carpet and now clients are wanting to copy the look. Want to add this service to your salon? You can learn more about this revolutionary technique below……



What is Brow Lamination?

Brownv Lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in the desired shape. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, have any gaps in between said hairs, or who want that groomed, brushed-up look. This treatment offers clients “I woke up like this” eyebrows – another makeup step they can fore-go. We offer this one-day course nationwide, see the full course details here. The technique can also help to achieve instantly fuller-looking eyebrows. Whether clients are looking to correct their eyebrow shape, lift brow hairs or have fuller-looking brows, there are lots of benefits to offering this service in your salon.


What Are The Benefits?


The results using our Brownv Lamination technique can have a dramatic effect on the shape of your client’s eyebrows, helping them to achieve their #browgoals in as little as 35 minutes. This is perfect for clients who want to change their full brow shape as well as those who just want to correct a smaller area of unruly hairs.  Great if your client wishes to add symmetry. Brows will appear instantly fuller making this treatment a great alternative to microblading.






There are multiple different looks you can achieve when offering Brow Lamination. This is something you would discuss during the consultation with your client. Whether they opt for the extreme brushed up look or want a subtle lift (and everything in between), we will teach you the technique so you can cater your service to each individual client. Brow lamination relaxes and reforms the hairs, which also makes them easier to manipulate into your desired position.





Once you’ve styled the brow hairs into their new position you’ll work on re-shaping them to make the brows neat and defined. On the Brownv Lamination course, we will teach you the art of brow mapping and suggest the different hair removal techniques available such as waxing, threading or tweezing. If you aren’t trained in these techniques we also offer a separate course which you can find out more here.





About The Treatment

This treatment solves the messy brow issue, creates volume and fullness, while giving you a sleek well-kept brow shape for up to 2 months. You will also have the opportunity to up-sell products to your clients such as the Lashnv Conditioning Serum. The treatment lasts around 35-45 minutes, depending on which hair removal service you offer, and the recommended treatment price is £30 – £50.


“My first time training with Creative Beauty yesterday and I loved Brownv Lamination course. Jemeila and Emma were very friendly, helpful, and delivered thorough training throughout the day. I feel confident in performing Brow Lamination in the salon. Would definitely recommend the course and Creative Beauty, I will definitely be booking more training courses in the future. Thank you for making me feel at ease on my first time at Creative Beauty!” – Tara Butler


How Much is the Course?

We offer this one day course nationwide. Training starts from just £99.95 if you have previously sat a Lashnv Lift Course or £199.95 if you haven’t trained with us before and includes a full working kit. You can secure your place with a deposit of £50 +VAT by calling the Education team on 01202 876734. You can find out more about the course here.