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This weekend we attended The Olympia Beauty Show in London and WOW what an amazing weekend. We attended as Lipnv™ No Needle Filler and the crowds we attracted were just unbelievable, on numerous occasions we were described as the busiest stand at the show! Whilst at Olympia Beauty many of you asked if we would be attending Professional Beauty North in Manchester and we are pleased to announce we will be heading to the show to represent Lipnv™ once again on the 13th & 14th October. Lipnv™ really is leading the way in the No Needle Filler industry so we thought it was only the right thing to do to attend Pro North and show everyone how it is done!


VENUE: Professional Beauty North, EventCity, Phoenix Way Off, Barton Dock Rd, Manchester M41 7TB
DATES: Sun 13th & Mon 14th October
TIMES: Sun 10:00am-6pm, Mon 10am-5pm

You can order your FREE tickets HERE

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What is Lipnv™ No Needle Filler?

The Lipnv™ No Needle Filler is a new and unique method of delivering Dermal Fillers to both lips and facial lines, without the use of a needle.Lipnv™ No Needle Filler is administered using a special designed Hyaluronic Air Pen, which generates just enough pressure to deliver filler to the area being worked on. Due to it’s safe and non-invasive delivery method, you do not need a medical or beauty therapy background to perform this treatment, we have already trained hundreds of no needle practitioners since its launch in early March 2019!

What you can expect to see from us at the show:

  • LIVE Lipnv™ Demonstrations
  • No Needle Fat Dissolve Demonstrations
  • Exclusive Professional Beauty North Competitions
  • Products to Purchase
  • Launch of Dermaline™ Dermal Filler

As if the above news wasn’t exciting enough, we have now launched our very own line of Dermal Fillers! DERMALINE™ is suitable to be used with all variants of the Hyaluronic Air Pens, as well as needles.  We launched Dermaline at Olympia Beauty and we completely ran out of stock! Dermaline went down a treat at The Olympia Beauty Show so we are bringing even more stock to The Professional Beauty Show ready for you to purchase! As well as The Professional Beauty Show DERMALINE™ is also available to purchase through… us of course! Click to shop HERE.


Throughout the weekend we are looking for models, for our Lipnv™ No Needle Filler Treatment and Lipnv™ Fat Dissolve Treatment. If you would like to be one of our models and receive 0.3ml of Cross Linked Dermal Filler for only £70.00,  then fill out the following form below; choosing your date, time and desired treatment.

*Due to high demand your selected appointment time isn’t guaranteed. Please wait until confirmed over email or phone with you, to see if you’re one of our chosen models.*