Last but definitely not least Day 4, and the last day of The Creative Beauty Group Education Summit 2016 kicked off with an intense half day on another BRAND NEW class the Skyscraper® Fix It Class!

Skyscraper® Fix It!

Building-Gel_GlassOffering a gel enhancement service is crucial to the success of any nail professional. Not only does it provide a service for clients looking for longer beautifully shaped nails with added strength but also from time to time a client may look to you to fix or repair a broken natural nail. SkyScraper® Builder Gel system is the perfect nail coating for clients who have naturally strong, brittle nails which lack in flexibility. Skyscraper® Builder gel provides natural looking, thin gel enhancements which are perfectly durable and able to withstand the hard tasks your clients put their nails through on a daily basis. Using the Skyscraper® Gel system with pigment smoothing technology and self-levelling properties the Skyscraper® Fix It one day class teaches you the best way to repair and overlay natural nails to add strength, and extend the dreaded broken nail!Skyscraper_BaseCoat_01

All of the educators loved the new class with all it had to offer for the natural nail tech and couldn’t wait to get started overlaying each others nails, producing some amazing enhanced results! This is bound to be another of our most popular courses as the natural nail tech advances into enhancements and builds (literally!) their clientele! Get yourself booked on the course before anyone else by clicking here for dates and educators in your area!

For all of our nationwide courses new and old check out the educators in your area, their dates and give us a call on 01202876734 to book yourself on!


Tourh Time!

12546322_10153236082222327_1709453161_oTo finish off the summit with a bang, the lady herself, Layla Tourh, stood up and took centre stage to talk the educators through what is coming up for The Creative Beauty Group in 2016! We can’t give away too much as it’s all *hush hush* till release dates BUT I can tell you if you thought last year was impressive we’ve got some fantastic product launches, re-branding and new strings to our bow that will blow you away!!

We also gave out an award for the ‘Greatest Growth by an Education Emissary’ to the fabulous Alex Bates (Education Emissary for Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire) who consistently has fully booked classes, amazing training reviews and is officially the social media queen! You will hear more from her tomorrow when she publishes her very own, very first blog on the summit and her best bits!

All of the educators had such an amazing learning experience, with saturated brains they all travelled home and are now taking bookings so don’t hesitate! Book yourself in for a TCBG course and give your career the boost and support that comes from having the best brands on the market!

Stay Creative

The TCBG Team