By Day 2 everyone was ready to hit training hard at the Education Summit which was great as they had a long day of Gel II® ahead!

If you haven’t already heard of the amazing Gel II® brand… Where have you been?!?

Now the winners of the NailPro ‘Best Soak-Off Gel Polish System’ two years running and a league of followers from all over the world Gel II® is fast becoming one of the most popular Gel Polish systems EVER!

So why is it so great?

  • Gel II winnerGel II® is fused with essential vitamins and minerals that make nails stronger and healthier. These nutrients directly enhance the nails as the Gel II® system does not contain any harmful base coats or solvents. Gel II® stays on for weeks, protecting nails from everyday wear and tear while allowing them to grow beautifully.
  • Gel II® also offers direct benefits to salon owners. The faster application and elimination of base coat increases profits as salon staff are able to seat more clients in a day without any added expense.
  • Gel II® polish lasts weeks on the nail and even longer in the bottle because of it’s thin silky consistency, extending shelf life. Perfect to the last drop, Gel II® won’t thin or dry in the bottle.
  • Capture the quality! The entire Gel II® system lends a hand to ensuring the best products from application to removal and with over 170 colours to choose from and the ability to mix colours the possibilities are endless!

Introduce Gel II® to your business and watch your customer satisfaction soar! Join the thousands of nail technicians that are already enjoying the benefits of this award winning system.

Sneak PeekSecret Garden

The Education Emissaries got an exciting sneak peek at the BRAND NEW Gel II® Secret Garden Spring 2016 collection due to be released at Professional Beauty Excel on February 28th/29th to get your tickets click here.

Plus as a reward for all their hard work they were all pleasantly surprised to be gifted the latest innovative and much anticipated Gel II® Steam Removal System! In fact due to the buzz in the room it was the loudest removal of gel polish we’ve ever had!

The Gel II® Steam Removal System significantly reduces contact with acetone for the client and you as a tech, there is no need for foil or cotton wool and the compact design means you can easily transport it around!

After everyone had finished playing with their new equipment it was time to Rave… although not quite in the usual sense!

Rave Nail Art & Design class for beginners

logoIt’s not everyday you come across a gel polish that does more than just allowing you to ‘paint nails’ but ever since Gel II® hit our shores, just over 12 months ago, we have been utterly spoilt with the vast range of colours to offer clients and now we are ready to take it to the next level! Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned professional nail artist the Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design class is designed for everyone looking to hone their skills and be inspired! Any nail professional will be able to elevate their skill set, create salon successful designs whilst adding their own personal style and flair to every single one.

Our Education Emissaries took to creating designs like they’d been doing it for years and these aren’t just your standard dots and flicks! From #colourlayer to #Swarovskishower there were some inspirational designs coming from everyone as the evening wore on! If you’re looking to embrace nail art like a real professional all of our EE’s nationwide are now offering this class so don’t hesitate to find your nearest educator here and get booking!


Presentation Time11204907_10156532390185128_5104622052736317943_n

After stopping for a quick dinner break the Emissaries were ready to show everyone, including Layla Tourh (Managing Director of The Creative Beauty Group), their teaching abilities as they stood and presented on everything they had learnt on Day 1! From fantastic icebreakers to the amazing knowledge absorbed over the past 2 days we were proud to say these ladies were going to be our educators.

Not only that once we’d finally finished at 12:30am(!!!!!) the excitement around the room was already growing as the brand new IBX training was the next day!