It was a bright and early 8:30am Sunday morning start for our educators on Day 1 of this years Education Summit, with old and new faces and a ton of new accents our head educators Jemeila and Alison introduced The Creative Beauty Group and an introductory ‘why we love The Creative Beauty Group brands’ icebreaker soon relaxed any nervous newbies!


Education Emissaries for UK 2016

Having a social media play!


 Introducing our BRAND NEW Education Emissary Team…

Our Scottish lasses:-

Educators in the North:-

Educators in the South:-



Kicking off the summit was our social media and blogging expert Steve Grady! He provided the educators with some much needed ‘how to’ when it comes to social media and how to maximise it’s potential! The Creative Beauty Group is on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with plenty of help and support marketing our great brands to your clients! So make sure you like and follow all of our social media avenues! Plus if you need any social media help our educators can advise you on how to make your very own business page on our beginners courses!

Once lunch and social media play was over the afternoon was focused on Pure Organics® our luxury manicure and pedicure products and it’s innovative 6-step system.

So what is Pure Organics?

Pure Organics® is an amazing 6-step system that gives you the opportunity to upsell the luxury manicure and pedicure treatments and increase your profits at the same time!

Step 1

Pure Organics® Diamond Crystals are a pre-soak step designed to turn water into soft beads that gently massage feet and legs whilst moisturising skin. The Diamond Crystals contain Konjac Mannan, which is derived from the native Asian plant’s root, this enables detoxification as it naturally swells in water, speeding up the excretion of harmful toxins from the body. The soft beads produced retain heat up to four times longer than ordinary water baths and is a very unique addition to manicures and pedicures.

Step 2

Pure Organics® demo!

Demonstrations galore with Pure Organics®!

Converting our step 1 Diamond Crystals soft beads back into a smooth water-like consistency Ocean Salts, made of four types of salts and full of minerals, cleanse the skin and prepare the hands and feet for spa treatment.

Step 3

The Pure Organics® Sugar Scrub is a natural exfoliant which leaves skin silky soft, doesn’t clog pores and contains natural elements that help condition and protect skin.

Step 4

Pure Organics® Purifying Mask contains Bentonite Clay, unique due to its ability to absorb toxins and impurities from your skin and then deliver minerals, replenishing and soothing the skin back to its natural ouster.

Step 5

The award winning Pure Organics® Massage Lotion contains Glycerin, a natural humectant capable of absorbing moisture from the air and giving your skin a silky soft texture throughout the day.

Step 6

Made with only the purest oils Pure Organics® Cuticle Oil is able to work deeply into the skin throughout the day because of its natural ability to prevent from drying out.


Green Tea and Acai Spa Starter Kit


All of the Pure Organics® spa products are infused with Aloe Vera and then each are given their own individual scent, this allows you to tailor make your services to suit each individual client. There are five scents in the the Pure Organics® range to choose from including;-

– Hawaiian Orchid, a botanical fragrance which infuses vital moisture to renew dry skin conditions, uses natural oils to soothe and heal the skin and is rich in anti-oxidants.

– Lavender Blossom calms and relaxes your clients and is perfect for those with dry, stressed skin as the lavender relieves stress and calms the skin whilst sealing in the moisture.

– Cucumber Splash, this more subtle scent relieves sensitive skin, restores vital moisture, tones and refreshes the skin and contains a natural anti-inflammatory in cucumber. A very popular range thanks to its hint of melon too!

– Green Tea and Acai, another subtle scent which encourages balance and is amazing for everyone! Rich in anti-oxidants, aids prevention of the signs of ageing and helps to prevent sun damage thanks to the Green Tea leaves and Acai Berry in the products.

– Citrus Orange, for those who love the stronger citrus scent this is the perfect range for anti-ageing. Not only can it clear blemishes but also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to the Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the products.Best Manicure Courses


Something new…

To round of the day our EE’s got a taster for something new coming to The Creative Beauty Group this year!

Air Gel!12507444_481279642074587_6235682474397329978_n

  • The gel effect polish without the need for lights!
  • Currently available in 43 chic colours Air Gel is an extended wear polish with high shine that lasts up to 12days.
  • Wears and applies like a gel polish whilst removing like a polish.
  • Incredibly fast drying time of 5 minutes!

Due for release very soon so keep an your eyes peeled!

After an exhausting first day the educators were still buzzing with excitement especially after the debut of the new long wear polish and Gel II® to prepare for on Day 2…

To view all of our beginners nail courses including the 2-day Gel II® and Pure Organics® manicure and Pedicure 1 day course click here!

Stay tuned for The Education Summit Day 2 coming tomorrow…

The TCBG Team