After travelling by plane, train and car from all over the UK, all of the Education Emissaries met on Saturday evening for welcome drinks, it was great to meet the new EE’s even if it took a little time to get to grips with the accents! We were soon chatting away like we’d known each other for years although that was until we all remembered our nice early start for Sunday morning and quickly headed off to bed!

Day 1

The Summit started at 8:30am on Sunday morning and we were met by Jemelia Tourh and Alison Guildford our head educators, they outlined an exciting itinerary with each day structured and aimed to teach the whole team the skills and knowledge they would need to start their journeys to becoming top class Education Emissaries.

We began Day one with a fabulous ice-breaker, talking a little about ourselves, our families and what we want to get out of the next 4 days intense training!

12571250_446995995497913_1796930853_nThis was swiftly followed by an insightful seminar, from TCBG business and marketing guru Steve Grady, on all aspects of social media and how to make the most of it! As an existing EE I got the opportunity to present to the group regarding social media and it was great to share with the new educators what we were already doing and how best to advise their students on getting bookings via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Following lunch we were wowed by the La Palm Pure Organics® 6-step amazing manicure and pedicure system.

This great system gives a purely relaxing and luxurious spa experience that enhances the skin. We didn’t have to be convinced to get our hands and feet out for demonstrations, plus with the gorgeous scents that come from Pure Organics® the room was filled with hints of citrus orange, hawaiian orchid and my favourite cucumber with a hint of melon! For the best pedicure and manicure courses in the UK visit The Creative Beauty Group Education website for more details!

To finish off the day we had the eek-tastic Air Gel reveal with us each taking home this new polish to trial out for ourselves!!

“There was an amazing atmosphere when everyone came together on the first day, you could feel it in the air. Meeting all the brand new EE’s was great and everyone got on so well, we were all SO excited to see what the next few days had in store for us and we were all assigned our presentation topics for Day 2. EEKK.” – Samantha Hawkes – Education Emissary for The Creative Beauty Group North West

‘This was my first time at the summit, I found it to be very inspirational and the other educators were outstanding. It was an intense 4 days with a lot of hands on practice using outstandingly high quality products this was of course my favourite part! I’m glad to be teaching the best beauty courses possible and I love every second of it!” – Kayleigh Engin – Education Emissary for Tyne and Ware 

“I was so excited and nervous for the Education Summit, meeting so many inspirational business women in one room can be daunting, but TCBG are a one of a kind company. They thrive on teamwork, they share the same passions in the industry as I did and they are eager to share their knowledge. This soon puts a new educator at ease and in total awe of TCBG philosophies, enthusiasm, knowledge and teaching skills. I got way more than I bargained for and couldn’t have wished for a better team to join.” – Sadie Parsons – Education Emissary for Devon and Somerset

Day 2

By Day 2 with our newly pampered hands and toes we were ready to cover the award winning Gel II® manicure and Gel II® Rave Nail art & design course, these great gel polish courses are a personal favourite of mine and will blow techs away with their innovative products, equipment and designs!! After an intense morning of covering the correct application of Gel II® polish and all it’s amazing benefits to the nails we were able to sample the new kid on the block… the Gel II® Steam Remover! I love it! It removes Gel II® so easily and even the stronger Skyscraper® Gel Enhancements!

12570998_446996015497911_331472555_nWe were buzzed and ready to start our Gel II® Rave Nail Art course in the afternoon creating Gel II® #glitterball and Gel II® #picknmix  being amongst the cutting edge techniques we learnt. This course is certainly one that will build on your skills as a nail tech and create some amazing designs for your clients.

After an already long day we had a quick dinner break before composing ourselves for our 10 minute Pure Organics® presentations to be performed to the group and the company director Layla Tourh, it was nerve wracking but we all did a fantastic job and I’m so glad to be in such an amazing team of educators! It was a late night as we didn’t finish till 12:30am but so many of us couldn’t get to sleep until much later as we were still hyped from such and amazing day!

“I knew I would develop my knowledge and improve my nail skills hugely over a very intensive 4 days but I wasn’t prepared to feel so empowered for the future moving forward in my new career. It shows how amazing the education team are and they are second to NO-ONE.” – Wendy Kilgour – Education Emissary for Glasgow, Scotland.

“Day 2 was amazing and all about my personal favourite gel polish Gel II®! We were very hands on and I feel hugely confident with everything we learnt! All the training over the summit highly informative and I’m already looking forward to teaching my first course!” – Lori Barnes – Education Emissary for Dundee, Scotland.

“As a newbie I was nervous about the presentations on day/night 2, the whole team were so supportive and really made you feel like you were already part of the team cheering on everyone to do well and smash it! I’m really excited to now be teaching the best nail courses in Scotland!” – Kathryn Hill – Education Emissary for Fife, Scotland.

Day 3

After such a late night surprisingly we were all ready raring to go on day 3 as we delved into the world of enhancements and began with an introduction to Skyscraper® Liquid & Powder! We covered the exclusive x3 Colour Changing Inhibitor Technology (CCIT3) behind the incredible system and how Skyscraper®s gentle levelling properties make creating perfectly strong, durable enhancements easy! It was such an informative morning and our saturated brains went off to
lunch with the amazing IBX training to look forward to in the afternoon!12476250_446995975497915_1864313305_n

Having used IBX on clients before I was definitely looking forward to officially training in this amazing product with its one of a kind penetrative toughening system which works inside the nail instead of on top. The lovely Laura Prat from Louella Belle put us to the test and of course we all passed with flying colours! So make sure you visit the Creative Beauty Education website for more info on this innovative course that is guaranteed to increase your profits on a natural nail service!

We rounded day 3 off early to give us all time to get glammed up for a celebratory team meal at Chimichangas! It was great to let our hair down, eat as many nachos as physically possible and of course carry on chatting everything Gel II®, Skyscraper® and IBX! It was a great chance to get to know each other better and share our awesome ideas!

12166380_446996095497903_1717057197_n“I had a great time at the Education Summit and it was fantastic meeting all of the new educators and hearing the ideas they brought to the table – including an ice breaker using toilet roll – I’ve come away with more knowledge and an excitement to spread TCBG passion and skill!” – Laura Snow-White – Education Emissary for Essex

“I couldn’t wait to get started for the Education Summit! Learning all about these high quality beauty courses, amazing products and how some techs still don’t know about them and their impressive list of benefits amazes me! The 4 days were intensive but great fun and it feels like I’ve come away with so many new friends!” – Victoria Walker – Education Emissary for Leeds

“There was definitely something different about the summit this year and I think it’s the amazing team that has been put together! All of the presentations blew me away on Day 2 and their confidence regarding the products was so impressive! I’m very lucky to a part of this team and of course I’m going to convince them all to enter this years Nailympia competition for Team Gel II®!” – Tina Campbell – Education Emissary for Surrey

Day 4

The final day appeared way to fast but we were still learning with another BRAND NEW course Skyscraper® Fix It! I personally think this course is going to be really popular, I have existing students that are only natural nail techs and this class will give them the skills to fix, strengthen and extend a clients nail should the situation arise. It’s a great chance for skill building and one I would recommend to any nail tech!! Visit The Creative Beauty Group Education website for more details on this essential course!

12575896_446996092164570_1200748268_n“It’s amazing that we’re only a year down the line from the last summit and there’s already so much more to learn! I’m already excited for what’s coming out this year and no doubt the next Education Summit in 2017! For the best nail courses whether natural or enhancements TCBG is the place to learn!” – Lisa Young – Education Emissary for South Wales

“It was an amazing opportunity to come down to Bournemouth and come to the Education Summit! The whole event had such a great atmosphere and it was nice to have Scotland so well represented with 4 new EE’s from there alone! The support from TCBG education team is amazing and I’m looking forward to getting to know all the students in my area of Edinburgh!” – Emma Jane Kidd – Education Emissary for Edinburgh

“The summit was an intense 4 days of training and I loved every second of it! We’re all so excited to bring the best nail training to all over the UK and meet the techs converting over to this genius product! We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!” – Aimee Knott – Education Emissary for Birmingham/ Wales


To finish off the summit The Creative Beauty Group Managing Director Layla Tourh closed the day by sharing her future plans for us as Education Emissaries and the company as a whole with some exciting plans in the pipe line for all brands!

12562379_10153236194082327_1808843167_oNot only that but I was thrilled and incredibly overwhelmed to receive an award for ‘Greatest Growth’ by an Education Emissary! It feels amazing to be appreciated in the team and not just for my social media skills! I’m so ready for the year ahead and 2016 is certainly going to the year of The Creative Beauty Group.
On behalf of all the Education Emissaries – and I’m sure they’ll agree – everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time at the summit and we left feeling empowered, passionate and excited for the future! I will leave you with a perfect summit summary from our NEW head educator Alison Guildford


“The Creative Beauty Group 2016 Education Summit was the perfect opportunity to welcome our new educators and enrich our existing.
Being able to bring everyone together from across the country and sharing what 2016 has in store was fantastic. Everyone was thrilled with what we were already doing but now be prepared to be blown away. Our industry is fast paced and ever changing TCBG recognises that and aims to be one step ahead and the key to that is keeping its educators informed and up to date” – Alison Guildford – Head Education Emissary based in Cheshire.

Stay Creative!

Alex Bates

Education Emissary for Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

“I’ve been on a few courses before and Alex Bates is without a doubt my favourite educator! She puts her students at ease with her friendly, welcoming nature. And she has a a wealth of technical knowledge. As I student I feel that I can ask her any question and she will do her best to answer it in a way that makes sense to me. I cannot wait to attend the skyscraper fix it course. I am 100% confident that I am going to get the most out of it with Alex as the educator.” – Natalie Moore – Student of Alex Bates