TCBG Education Summit 2015The day started at 5am for all of the Emissaries, An early morning alarm call, a quick coffee and then meeting in the lobby at 6am for a walk along the beach on what was a very windy and fresh Bournemouth morning.

After a shower and breakfast the event was opened by Layla Tourh, who gave her vision for the future of The Creative Beauty Group, it’s values and it’s mission statement.

Three members from the La Palm Gel II™ team have flown in from the USA to join us for the week, Doug Smith, Alena Clark and Megan Heaton. The day moved along with Doug and Jemeila working together on delivering theory and practical.

A welcome visitor was Kayleigh Baker from Scratch Magazine who spent several hours with the team and even got to try an Pure Organics treatment.

Scratch Magazine Pure Organics

What Is Pure Organics:

Pure Organics is a six step manicure / pedicure system which boasts five stunning fragrances, Lavender Blossom, Green Tea & Acai, Cucumber Splash, Hawaiian Orchid and Citrus Orange.

Pure Organics includes a unique first step which contains Diamond Crystal technology, a pre soak cleanser that moisturises the skin whilst preparing the hands or feet for the beneficial ingredients of the six part system.

Stage 1

The Diamond Crystals convert warm water into a daiquiri like consistency that retains heat up to four times longer than a traditional pre soak, and like magic after a refreshing, soothing bath,

Stage 2

Stage 2 of this innovative system converts the pre-soak back into a smooth water-like consistency whilst detoxifying the hands and feet in a high end luxury treatment using The Ocean Salts. Cleanse and relax the body whilst relieving stress and preparing the hands and feet for a luxurious spa treatment.

Stage 3

The La Palm Sugar Scrub is a beneficial, luxurious product consisting of 4 key natural sugars including raw, rock, brazilian & cane sugar. These  organic sugars and oils will boost the vibrancy of skin and leave it feeling smooth and diminish lines and wrinkles.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is a moisturising organic masque that has extremely beneficial properties including extracting impurities and restoring the skin back to its original condition and encouraging a glowing natural cluster that can elevate a traditional manicure or pedicure into a professional elite treatment.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is the continuous Massage stage which also sets this treatment apart. The more that you massage the lotion into the skin the more beneficial ingredients will penetrate  and activate the  antioxidants, mositurizers and natural humectants in the system

Stage 6

To complete your luxurious service choose the complimentary cuticle oil to moisturise the skin and nail plate using only the purest of oils that LA Palm are excited to offer.

Pure Organics