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Fur for Thought…

How could anyone harm these cute little bundles of fluff?! Real Mink lashes are created using the hair of a Mink, a popular semiaquatic mammal found in North America (however human intervention expanded its range to many parts of Europe). The celebrity world are big mink lash lovers, and are quick to tell

Know Your Lashes! – Raw Materials…

Welcome to our lash blog series! Giving you an insight into the lash world, and our chance to tell you what lashes we chosen for Lashnv™ Lashes! SILK V'S MINK - WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Mink, Silk, Synthetic, they are all lashes that are used by lash therapists worldwide, but whats the difference between them? Actually,

Join the Lashnv™ Team at The Lash Games!

With the exclusive release of Lashnv™ Volume at the Olympia Beauty Show we are looking for the best lash techs to join our Lashnv™ Lash Games team and take home some much deserved trophies! With lashes becoming such a beauty staple in the last few years and with so many new techniques now available we

Lashes to dye for with Lashnv™

Lashnv™ debuts at Olympia Beauty Show London! Lashnv™ made its debut appearance this weekend at the Olympia Beauty show in London! With over 20,000 visitors to one of the biggest beauty exhibitions in the country it was time to show everyone what Lashnv™ could do for you and your business! We had the lovely Jemma