Skill Build with our Skyscraper® ‘Fix It!’ Class!

Do you have client’s arrive to their nail appointment with the occasional broken nail? Do they look to you to FIX IT?

Well, now you can! Natural nail care professionals enter into the world of Skyscraper® Enhancements with our 1 day Skyscraper® ‘FIX IT!’ class.

What is involved?

This 1 day skill building nail course will enable you to offer an additional service that we believe is crucial to the success of you and your business. Build client retention, satisfaction and business revenue with this new salon service offering.

Using the Skyscraper® Removable Builder Gel range during the course you will learn how to:-Building-Gel_Glass

  • Correctly prepare the nail for Skyscraper® application.
  • Sculpt the gel using the Skyscraper® sculpting forms.
  • Prepare and care for you Skyscraper® Gel Brush.
  • Correctly file Skyscraper® gel using Gel II® files.
  • Repair and extend a broken nail
  • Create a natural nail overlay for weak nails.
  • Create a pink & white enhancement.

Why choose Skyscraper®?

  • Skyscraper_BaseCoat_01The pigment smoothing technology in Skyscraper® Building Gel assures excellent coverage.
  • The unique self-levelling properties of Skyscraper® Gel balanced with the perfect viscosity allows for complete product control.
  • Advanced Polymer network technology provides soft, flexible strength without brittleness.
  • Long lasting brightness that resists fading and colour changes over time thanks to CCIT3 technology. (x3 Colour Changing Inhibitor Technology)
  • Low service cost.
  • Customer support through The Creative Beauty Group head office and on their online Professional Only Facebook group!

Creating beautifully smooth, perfectly even nails has never been easier!

skyscraper_blueprints_roll-2Tell me more…

Skyscraper® Fix It Class is available nationwide and if you don’t know who your local educator is click here!

The class runs over 1 day from 10am – 4pm!

If you have yet to purchase the Gel II® Pro-Cure2 LED lamp the course (including lamp & kit) is £480.80 + VAT

However if you already have a Gel II® LED lamp the course (including just the kit) is £234.00 + VAT


Hear from our Education Emissaries…

“The Skyscraper® “Fix It’ class is perfect for the natural nail tech who needs to help the client who has waited a week for their appointment and typically broke their nail yesterday. They are so impressed when you say… “No problem we can FIX that!” This course also gives natural nail techs the chance to try enhancements and see how much they love it before booking on a full Skyscraper® extension course!”Sadie Parsons Education Emissary for Devon & Somerset

“Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’ class is a great bridge from a natural nail tech heading towards enhancements, I loved the Skyscraper® products found them easy to use and a great addition to the treatment list! Natural nail clients will be thrilled to have an extra service getting their nails back on track with length and strength! Natural nail techs will be thrilled with this new skill building nail course!”Kayleigh Engin Education Emissary for Newcastle

“The room was absolutely buzzing when it was announced at the 2016 TCBG Education Summit that we were introducing a BRAND NEW nail education class called Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’! This course is just what we needed to help those natural nail professionals offer a repair service to their clients, now no-one needs to walk out of your salon with their prized nails cut down because of a breakage …we can ‘Fix It’!”Tina Campbell Education Emissary for Surrey

“How great is it to have this new class Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’! It will allow the natural nail tech to do just as it says… ‘Fix It’. How many times do you get a bride with lovely long nails that you have been prepping for weeks when just before the big day they snap one and of course it’s usually the ring finger. So with the Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’ course you will learn how to sculpt the nail so it will blend in with all the others for that special day. I’m so excited to be providing the best nail courses to you!”Lisa Young Education Emissary for Wales

“The Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’ nail course is a great follow on course for the natural nail tech to progress to, we all know how many times we are asked by clients to “Fix It” and without the correct skills or products it’s not always possible. This highly rated nail course is a great bridge to cover the nail repair gap in the industry.”Lori Barnes Education Emissary for Dundee Angus

“The Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’ service has been a game changer for my natural nail clients, to be able to offer them perfection even after having a nail breakage disaster. The finished result is just flawless! I set a challenge to other clients to guess from a photo which was the nail I completed a Skyscraper® ‘Fix It’ service on before the Gel II® manicure and not one person guessed right. For me that is a RESULT!” – Victoria Walker Education Emissary for Leeds

To book onto your nearest course call TCBG HQ on 01202876734!

Stay Creative!