Beauty education is currently being put under scrutiny in the industry. Elements of poor training and inadequate qualifications, alongside easily accessible professional products to under-educated users, are unfortunately very real aspects of the UK industry.

The Creative Beauty Group has been an established training provider for almost 14 years and has taught hundreds of successful courses. We pride ourselves on being fully accredited to the highest standards, having the best educators and offering all students award-winning customer care. Having said that, we equally understand that the industry is changing, and beauty education needs a refresh.


For those who may struggle to work in groups or simply don’t have the time or finances to commit to in-person training, online courses offer techs the chance to build on their existing skills.

Online education can never be a replacement for the networking and hands-on aspect of face-to-face education, but for those who are unable to attend due to mobility and mental health issues including anxiety then this is a good option.

Often, online education can be mistaken for a glorified version of a YouTube tutorial, However, if structured properly it should be a tool and asset to teach you something new. A lot of online courses will also have a feedback and assessment section so you can be reassured that your work is assessed by a qualified professional.  Courses can fit in anywhere and be used at anytime. Once a face-to-face class is over, you are only left with the memory of the day whereas with an online course you can re-watch and refresh your skills whenever you want.


”I feel strongly that online education can work, with the right course and the right attitude!”

Layla Tourh – Managing Director says:

You can absolutely achieve career advancement, or even enter the world of beauty as a complete novice by enrolling on our new online courses. Sure!, studying online gives you more flexibility, but you must also appreciate that we take our business seriously, and so we expect students that take our courses online to do the same. You will need self discipline as you manage your own time, there is no tutor looking over your shoulder!  Studying online gives you more flexibility, and with often courses being a slightly cheaper option (as usual expenses are waivered) I think its a win win for The Creative Beauty group and for our online community.

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