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Skyscraper® Liquid & Powder Kit

£160.00 £125.95

This kit is suitable for:

Skyscraper® Acrylic 5 Day Beginners course

Skyscraper® Acrylic Conversion Course



Kit Includes:

Skyscraper® Liquid & Powder Starter Kit

– Sculpting Nail Liquid

– 5 x Sculpting Powders (Clear, White, Plush Pink, Perfect Pink & Extreme Pink)

– 20 x Sculpting Forms

Skyscraper® Non-Acid Primer

Skyscraper® Files

Super Shine Nail Cleanser

Gentle Soak Remover

Gel II® Cuticle Oil

Acrylic Brush


Dappen Dish

Cuticle Pusher


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