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Lashnv™ Lift Beginners Kit

£232.22 £199.00

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This kit is suitable for:

Lashnv™ Beginners Course



Kit Includes:

Lashnv™ Lift

Lashnv™ Lock

Lashnv™ Nourish

Lashnv™ Bond

2 x Lashnv™ Small Shields

2 x Lashnv™ Medium Shields

2 x Lashnv™ Large Shields

Lashnv™ Tool

2 x Lashnv™ Condition

Tint – Blue/Black

Tint Developer

Tint Bowl

Cotton Pads

Protein Remover Pads

Micropore Tape

Saline Vials

Disposables Pack

100pck Micropore Brushes

5 x Under Eye Gel Patches

Lashnv™ Marketing Essentials

2 reviews for Lashnv™ Lift Beginners Kit

  1. Julie Docherty

    Hi, I purchased a Lashnv Lift education kit before my training.
    It included everything I needed and more and was so useful to have to start with.
    It made me feel better knowing that I had everything I needed on the training day.

    What made me choose you guys? Well I’d used Gel II so knew you guys were super helpful and reliable! and the pictures of the results on the Facebook group told me everything I needed to know about choosing Lashnv Lift 😉

  2. spanish tutor in london

    Good afternoon. Many thanks 🙂 Love your blog!.

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