Pantone, provider of professional colour standards and global authority on colour, has announced PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019.

The company boasts that the hue will encourage experimentation in beauty with palettes, textures, shimmers and sheens, and THAT means BIG business for nail professonals!

Here at The Creative Beauty Group, we are thrilled to say that, thanks to the brands we carry, we are a step ahead of the trend! Managing Director of TCBG, Layla Tourh says ”Coral! I mean who doesn’t LOVE this colour! We don’t have to look too hard on our website or product catalogue to find that gorgeous coral colour. We have a handful of products to boast about! Such as Entity Beauty’s gel polish, and colour matching nail lacquer line ‘I Know I look Good!, Gel Two’s ‘Coral Reef’, and Addiction Glitter ‘Caribbean Coral’. With Living Coral as the the chosen colour of 2019, the future of the nail techs next year, especially our customers, with all our coral offerings, is bright!”

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