Did you know George Schaeffer, the founder of nail brand OPI, was originally a taxi driver? How’s that for a successful career change?

The range of nail treatments available has grown extensively over the last few years. Clients can choose from a simple manicure to acrylics, gels or overlays. As a result, career opportunities for nail technicians have multiplied greatly.

As a nail tech, you can choose to be your own boss and work self-employed, or you could work in your local salon/spa as part of a team. You could even work for an international brand attending fashion shows and get to travel the world. There is also the opportunity to work on cruise ships as they often have an on-board salon for guests. This industry has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and a career as a nail technician is now seen as an aspirational choice, with plenty of opportunities for progression.  The world really is your oyster!

On average women spend over £3,000 per year on beauty treatments – that’s a lot of manicures! In 2018, £90 million was spent on the nail care sector alone. As a nail technician, you could expect to earn up to £25,000, with celebrity-endorsed specialists earning considerably more than that. It’s clear that nail treatments have become a necessity in so many women’s beauty regimes.



Starting off as a nail technician is easy to do. Here at The Creative Beauty Group, we offer a range of courses from complete beginners to conversion.  One great thing about becoming a nail technician is that there are no fixed requirements or qualifications needed to get started. Our 4 day Beginners Liquid & Powder course doesn’t require any pre-requisites and you’ll be fully qualified upon completing.


The nail industry is one of the most creative sectors of the beauty world. Nails are every bit as much a fashion item as clothing and jewellery are, so it pays to keep up to date on the latest trends. So just what is predicted to be a hot topic next year?

The French manicure is officially back and going nowhere in 2020. The minimalist design has had an update, catwalks saw a ‘cornered French manicure’ where delicate lines were placed at the top and bottom of the nail to mirror one another.

On the other end of the spectrum, bright colours and metallics are also predicted to be big news. Clients usually like bright colours, especially during the warmer summer months.






It’s clear to see that the nail industry is on the up, with a manicure now seen as just as much of an essential for most women as having a haircut. A career as a nail technician is a creative and fulfilling one, with plenty of opportunities to take things as far as your ambition and talent will let you. Who knows…with hard work, study, creative flair and a keen eye on the latest trends, in a few years time you could be working alongside fashion designers, for a prestigious beauty brand or even in your own salon. You never know where the next year could take you…

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