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How much to charge a client is one of the first questions aestheticians ask themselves when starting out. There is no rule when it comes to working out what you should charge your clients. Pricing is dependent on many factors, including experience, the amount of filler being administered and whereabouts in the country you are offering your Lipnv™ No Needle Filler Treatment.

We advise offering a 1ml treatment at the cost of anywhere between £140-£190. Please be aware this may differ depending on the area in which you are offering treatments in.

However you must take into consideration some of the below factors when pricing your treatments:

-Which brand of filler you are using. The brand of filler you decide to use during your treatments will have an effect on the longevity of the results. The quality of the product you use makes a huge difference. (For example. Juverderm 1ml syringe is priced online at £99.00)

Please be advised that Lipnv™ will soon be bringing a BRAND New filler to the market called ‘Dermaline’. We have designed this filler so that we can be assured our customers are delivering treatments using a high quality filler with long lasting results but at a smaller cost to them as the therapist. We have aimed to price our filler extremely competitively yet still delivering the same long lasting results.

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All customers who have sat or will be sitting a Lipnv™ No Needle Filler Training Course with us will receive 15% discount on their first order of Dermaline Filler.
-The amount of filler you are administering per treatment. Always price your treatments per 0.5ml and 1ml. When purchasing fillers you will find they usually come in 1ml syringes.

-Treatment timings. When offering a treatment to a client for the first time always book out 1 hour, this will give you time to carry out a thorough consultation with them beforehand. Once that client becomes a regular client and you are seeing them for regular top-up treatments you can then book out 30 minutes only.

-Treatment timings will also depend on the areas in which you are treating.

-Which area in the country you are offering your services. Prices of fillers vary up and down the country. Always be sure to price your treatments competitively and do your research first.



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Location: Whitton, London.

Please see below an example of cost per treatment: 
Dermaline Filler 1ml Syringe – £39.95 +VAT
Disposables – £5.00Total-£52.94Cost to client per 1ml treatment-£140.00

Profit per treatment-£87.06
Please be advised that this information will be covered during the 1 day Lipnv No Needle Filler intense training.