Lashnv™ debuts at Olympia Beauty Show London!lashnvsquare

Lashnv™ made its debut appearance this weekend at the Olympia Beauty show in London! With over 20,000 visitors to one of the biggest beauty exhibitions in the country it was time to show everyone what Lashnv™ could do for you and your business! We had the lovely Jemma and Emma on hand to demonstrate the amazing natural lash lift system and answer any questions from the gathering crowds! We had total success with so many Lashnv™ courses being booked with our various Lashnv™ Education Emissaries all over the country! That wasn’t the only success we had at the show, thanks to our willing volunteers we had some amazing results with our Lashnv™ demonstrations and you can check them out below!

What is Lashnv™ all about?

Lashnv™ is an exciting new brand that has joined us at The Creative Beauty Group! Lashnv’s Lash Lift system is exactly what your clients are looking for if they are left less than satisfied with semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash perming.

Lashnv™ revolutionises current perming techniques in a number of ways:-

  • It uses an innovative technique to gently lift the lashes, giving clients lashes that look thicker and more voluminous.
  • We use silicone shields, rather than rods, as the shields are far more comfortable both for the client and the lashes. It also make the treatment so much easier for us, the lash technician.
  • Our fabulous Lashnv™ gel formulation straightens the lashes rather than curling them so the lashes appear more lifted.
  • Lashnv™ gives your clients instant results, that ‘big lash look’, longevity lasting 6 to 8 weeks with no mess, no glue and no extensions!
  • Lashnv™ Lifting system enhances the natural lash, making them appear longer, curlier, and ultimately more glamorous.

It’s a gentle, low maintenance treatment that lifts from the roots. The treatment takes around 45 minutes and your client will leave with a wide-awake look that needs no mascara!

How can you bring Lashnv™ to your clients?

Now we’re entering the party season lashes are a popular treatment and this is a course not to miss out on!

The Creative Beauty Group can teach you to perform this incredible and innovative ‘lifting’and tinting technique.

Lashnv™ can create longer looking lashes without the need for false eyelashes or old-fashioned perming techniques. It produces results for clients fast, and takes just one day to learn in class.

Training Agenda

  • What is Lashnv™ and why do clients love it?Before & After
  • Eye essentials
  • Health and safety
  • Promoting Lashnv™
  • Lashnv™ client consultation
  • Let’s Create Lashnv™!
  • Learn each stage of the Lashnv™ process
  • All the hints and tips to give you a flying start
  • Understand all the kit and how best to use it
  • How to customise each lash lifting treatment for your clients needs
  • Post procedure aftercare for longer lasting result

A Lashnv™ Intro Kit must be purchased to use with this course.

No pre-requisites.

One Day – 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – £99.95 plus vat.

To secure a place on this course a deposit of £50.00 plus vat will be required at time of booking.

A Kit is also required for this course at £199.00 plus vat

What do our Lashnv™ techs and educators love about Lashnv™?

“Lashnv™ is the hottest treatment around at the moment. Who wouldn’t want fuss free, luscious  longer, thicker, fuller lashes with no maintenance? Just a beautiful lift that last 6-8 weeks. Results are instant and are sure to get the wow factor that every women wants. You’ll see your profits soar with this treatment and your client base will grow and grow. Now is the perfect time of year to get booked on to your nearest course before the party season.” – Stephanie Rowlands – Education Emissary – Gloucestershire & Wiltshire12072582_10153007686685807_1777323688450493062_n

“Lashnv™ is an amazing system to bring into the salon, from the moment I introduced it clients booked in and because the next treatment isn’t needed for 6/8 weeks clients are happy to rebook. They love the instant change it gives and they always walk out happy and smiling, which makes me happy as I know they love it. Plus because it’s such a visual treatment their friends see their lashes and the want to book in as well!” – Amanda Graves – Education Emissary – South East London, Surrey and Kent12166545_10153011530205807_1421074055_n

“I’m a swimmer so I’m in and out of water, I love long lashes and I’ve tried all sorts of lifts and lash extensions so finding Alex and trying LashNV™ was amazing for me. LashNV™ is kind on my lashes as well as effective. It’s perfect for me as a busy and active mum of 2, LashNV™ gives my flat lashes a beautiful lift without damage or painful glues. The treatment is quick and painless very relaxing and the results last ages and all my friends have LASH ENVY. Its allowed me to be active and busy whilst looking glamorous.” – Very happy client of Alex Bates – Education Emissary – Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire

12167184_10153011529855807_491706021_n“It’s morning. Sort the kids out, grab some sort of breakfast, do your hair, do your make up, rush around like headless chickens while the men get up looking pretty much how they walk out! Wouldn’t life be easier if we could have just an inch of this. Let me welcome you to Lashnv™, the hassle free, maintenance free lash lift. No more smudged or running mascara, no more adding time to your morning routine. Lashnv™ is the perfect treatment to offer in your salon, it’s suits so many people. I myself from a salon owners perspective love seeing clients amazed faces and from an Educators perspective teaching Lashnv™ is such a joy. It really is an amazing product fast growing in popularity.” – Victoria Rose – Education Emissary – Yorkshire & Humber

“Lashnv™ Lash Lifting is one of my favourite services on my treatment menu, and also one of my favourite classes to teach!! The treatment is quick, simple & painless to your client, has a fantastic profit margin to the therapist and is an amazing service for client retention.” – Laura Snow-White – Education Emissary – Essex, Kent, Suffolk & Norfolk12166452_10153011530230807_1791953183_n

“I love Lashnv™, I find it both a relaxing treatment for clients, and to do myself. Plus when they see the results and are blown away with the amazing lashes they have is a great feeling. I was very nervous to learn Lashnv™, but had a fab day training with the lovely Laura Snow White and the continued support means there is no need to worry at all! Spread the Lashnv™ word!” – Vicky Marston – The Creative Beauty Group customer

“Lashnv™ has been a game changer for my mobile business! I was very wary after spending a huge amount on lash extension course a few years ago now and hated doing the treatment! I LOVE doing Lashnv™ not only have existing clients tried it but I’ve gained new clients from lots of before and after pictures on social media. I’ve also had clients who I’ve not seen in a while for whatever reason return and try this treatment. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more!” – Julie Barten-Caldwell – The Creative Beauty Group customer