Welcome to our lash blog series! Giving you an insight into the lash world, and our chance to tell you what lashes we chosen for Lashnv™ Lashes!


Mink, Silk, Synthetic, they are all lashes that are used by lash therapists worldwide, but whats the difference between them? Actually, not that much!

Kerri Embelton, Lashnv Education Emissary covering the Ayre and Glasgow area.

Mink and Silk lashes are both synthetic lashes that are made by a raw material called Polybutylene terephthalate or PBT for short! PBT is a polymer fibre, part of the resin group, that is heated up to a mouldable state, the fibre is then moulded into the lash shapes that you get today, such as J lash, C, B, D etc. then as the PBT cools down, the moulded lash sets to that shape, cool eh!

So to keep things simple, ALL synthetic i.e. ‘Synthetic Silk’, and ‘Synthetic Mink’ lashes are made from the same thing, PBT; and it’s actually the heating process that makes the difference between the 2 synthetic lash offerings.

PBT comes in various grades of quality, like most plastics. The way the plastic fibre is ‘tapered’ determines the final feel of the lash thus what look it creates… still with me?!

A softer tapered lash, makes the overall characteristic of the lash to be more softer and lighter (more commonly silk lashes), whereas a lesser tapered lash, holds a stronger curl, so it creates a more bold/dramatic look (more commonly mink lashes).

Catherine Schofield, Lashnv Education Emissary covering the Leeds area.

There are also different methods used to heat up the the popular polymer. The most common methods used across manufacturers world wide, is either by ‘dry-heat’ or by steaming the lash during its curling process.

Lashnv™ Lashes are made using the steaming method, and we then also pop them into the oven, as this leaves the lash to set, giving them the most perfect curl.

Lashnv™ lashes are the proud manufacturers of the Mink lash, one reason being because we believe the finish gives a super thin taper, and comes with a glossy finish, to mimic the characteristics of a shiny coat of those cute little dudes, the MINK!

Lashnv™ Lashes launches at Beauty UK this weekend, come and find us on stand M20, and see what launch deals we have in store for you all 🙂