IBX is the newest ‘treatment’ in the nail industry that repairs like no other… from the inside!

IBX is a must have for any treatment menu if you are already offering gel polish services to your clientele. Do you have clients that just can not get on with ANY gel polish? Perhaps you have a handful of clients that certainly have nails that could do with a little helping hand before they are beautifully painted using Gel II®?

IBX targets and gets to work straight away in repairing nail layers that are damaged, and repairs the surface so the nails are nail polish/gel polish worthy.

The workhorse of the IBX® SYSTEM
• IBX®, when cured, completes the formation of the IPN294404_orig


within the upper layers of the nail plate, providing internal toughening that supports nail growth and protection.

• Always apply a full coat, whether for Gel Polish protection or to grow natural nails.

• The IBX® System will require curing with a UV LED or UV lamp (Cure time should be based on the manufacturer’s suggested cure time for their Gel Polish color coat.)

Course Cost incl. IBX duo pack:
£94.95 + VAT

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£44.95 +VAT



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