Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned professional nail artist the Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design class is designed for everyone looking to hone their skills and be inspired! Any nail professional will be able to elevate their skill set, create salon successful designs whilst adding their own personal style and flair to every single one.

You will learn techniques such as:

Foiling #Metalicflash
Marbling #Marbelousglow in the dark
Sponging #Sponging
Layering #Colourlayer
Custom blending #Picknmix
Swarovski crystals #Swarovskishower
Textured design #Mattetexture
Polka dots #Spotsofdots
Glitter Burnishing #Glitterball
Carving #Vangogh
Pre-requisite – Any Gel Polish Class. Certificate must be provided.
No model required, bring your own products.

One Day : 10am – 4pm – £99.95 + vat.

To secure a place a deposit of £10.00 will be required at time of booking.

You will need to bring with you:

LED Lamp (Gel II® Cordless/Rechargeable lamp recommended but not essential to attend)
Gel II® Super Shine Nail Cleanser
Airgel Extended Wear Polish®: Choose your own selection!
Gel II®: Choose your selection!
Gauze Pads
Gel II® Rave G140
Nail Art Brushes & Dotting Tool
Pack of AB Crystals
Range of Foils
Glitters: Choose your selection!
Pigments: Choose your selection!
Gel II® Matte Top Coat G00M
Gel II® No Cleanse Top Coat G0NC

For more information or to apply for this course please fill out the form below: