How could anyone harm these cute little bundles of fluff?!

Real Mink lashes are created using the hair of a Mink, a popular semiaquatic mammal found in North America (however human intervention expanded its range to many parts of Europe).

The celebrity world are big mink lash lovers, and are quick to tell you that to have a set of real mink lashes will set you back hundreds, what they don’t tell you is the price that these poor little guys have to pay, so celebrities like Beyonce can indulge in  super soft long lashes!

Are Minks killed during the process? No.. well if they are, its kept well under wraps – but what we do know, is that minks are kept in cages at fur farms, this is so their fur can be roguery brushed, so in short, Minks are harvested, and THAT is a form of animal cruelty! a BIG no no as far as Lashnv™ Lashes is concerned, and its official distributors The Creative Beauty Group.

Beyonce supporting the Mink harvesting. Not cool Bey, not cool.

Founder of Lashnv™ Lashes, Layla Tourh  says ”We took almost 3 years to bring our portfolio of lashes to the market, that was for a number of reasons, in depth market research when it came to adhesives and making sure we were compliant to EU regs etc, but another factor was going through the process of deciding what type of lashes to produce, we opted for FAUX Mink, as it has a finished appearance of a mink hair – AS IF I would ever contribute to the cruel harvesting of the Mink, I just don’t understand why anyone would choose the real option when there are so many good quality alternatives that are so very close to the real thing? – it’s very sad when beauty comes before conscience”.



Lashnv™ Lashes, now available!


Lashnv™ Lashes was launched at Beauty UK this year, at the NEC, and the launch was a huge success. You can now find available Lashnv™ Lash trays, in both individual, and mixed trays, and to support its launch, was the also the launch of 2 new lash courses, beginner lash extension courses, and Russian Volume courses.

Lashnv™ Russian Volume training is available nationwide!


Bournemouth – Monday 16th July 
🖤 Liverpool – Monday 16th July
🖤 Manchester – Tuesday 17th July
🖤 Glasgow – Monday 16th July
🖤 Edinburgh – Monday 9th July
🖤 Aberdeen – Monday 23rd July
🖤 Leeds – Sunday 15th July
🖤 Cambridgeshire – Sunday 15th July
🖤 Hertfordshire & Essex – Sunday 29th July
🖤 Coventry – Sunday 15th July


If you want to find out more about our new Lash Extension Courses in your area, pop your details on the form below, and we will be in touch 🙂

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