The Entity Dip & Buff Course  is  for those looking for a system that can offer a fast solution to strong, lightweight nails, with just a simple ‘dip’ in the Entity dip tray and a quick buff, you can be confident to leave your clients nails with a coating that has the feel of a gel polish but the strength of a Liquid and Powder enhancement.

Benefits of Dip & Buff

The Dip & buff system is great for quick and easy application and ideal for clients who need extra strength from a product or would like a short length adding to their enhancements. The sip system is one of the easiest systems to train in, as long as you have a manicure qualification you can train to use Entity Dip & Buff in one day. Then, with some practice, you can perfect the system in no time.

Dipping is also great for clients that don’t traditionally suit gel polish as it is so strong. Likewise, it’s also great for clients that suffer from lifting problems, as its adhesion is fantastic due to the layering of the two different viscosity glues.

Why Should You Offer The Service?

It’s odorless and light-cured, so there’s no waiting or drying time in-between applications. You can apply to all five fingers at the same time so it’s simple to use, while easy to remove (as it’s a soak off system). It’s a brilliant add-service, as it’s quick to apply, offers a flexible feel for clients, is lightweight with pigment-rich powders, and its essential products can be used with acrylic and gel too, so have a dual function. These include the Bond primer and Top Coat.

A dip system is a good addition to a tech’s service menu because it takes up a very small footprint on the work station and there are no specialist tools required. This makes it a quick and easy system to apply and remove, which is especially great for mobile techs. The powders can also be mixed to create bespoke shades for endless options.


” It has no odor, has a thin application, is a cost-effective system to learn and delivers faster, shorter education. I can teach new students, who are just starting out in the business, a good application for strength, colour and even French manicure. Students can also learn how to do extensions with this product in a tip & overlay capacity, and you can rebalance as you do with Liquid & powder. There’s no need for a lamp and there is minimal filing as application is so thin. “

Jemeilia Tourh, Educator at The Creative Beauty Group

We’ve interviewed one of our favourite nail technicians who love using the Entity Dip & Buff system. Unsure whether to offer this to your clients? Read the below testimonial from Leanne at Lannails…

What are the benefits of Entity Dip & Buff?

It’s a system offering clients an alternative, especially those who are more heavy handed, suffer from thin, weak nails or have allergies to acrylics. It’s a system that sits perfectly in between strength of Gel Polish & traditional L&P Acrylics. It has great durability, quickness of service, doesn’t need a  light, great choice of colours matching the entity Gel polish & Gel lacquer range, can create perfect smile lines with the unique dipping jar for french manicures no product ratio, no odour, quick drying, doesn’t contain Acylates (which can cause allergies) safe and easy to remove just like Gel polish, average three week wear with high shine finish. The system is extremely easy to use follow the easy step by step process. The bottles are numbered and colour coded. It  dries quickly for clients and is simple and quick to use.

What do your clients like about the system?

Clients are amazed at how strong it is on their natural nails and how it lasts an average of three weeks with no chipping or lifting. They like the choice of colours, especially now as they match the other systems. For example clients like a Dip & Buff manicure with either a Gel polish or Gel lacquer pedicure. They love the perfect french smile lines and are so intrigued and mesmerized by the process. They say it feels cool, soft  and relaxing dipping into the powders. I’d say this treatment is becoming more & more popular with clients as they are aware of and been educated on the different nail enhancement systems available to them.
It’s very high quality grade powder as with all Entity products. It also has zero bubbles and offers complete coverage. The packaging design is pleasant. Has the unique dipping jar for perfect  french smile lines, which you can use for any colour not just for the traditional white tips! As a nail tech it’s competitively priced and overall cost per service is low. Removes like a dream being soaked in foils, just slides off the nail bed which means less prep work and filing to the natural nail.


What would your advice be to those wishing to learn the treatment?

I would say this is the perfect stepping stone for new learners to boost their confidence before learning traditional L&P systems,  because I feel it’s a form of ultra fine quick acrylics, easy to learn and master. For those already trained in enhancements, it’s a great super quick additional service to offer for those clients not wanting to maintain L&P but wanting something that lasts like gel polish.  It Also means you continue to enhance your skills offer many different nail systems.

Course Details

This course will cover:

Prepping the natural nail
Application of Dip & Buff system
Traditional French application
Soak Off and removal
Trouble Shooting
Features & Benefits of Entity Dip & Buff


14095934_1183323965053830_5337624646571708750_nFull Working Kit
Model will be required for practical training 12pm – 4pm
Manicure certification is required.

One Day/9:30am-4:30pm

The cost of the course is £75.00+VAT

Secure your place with a kit purchase of £75.95 +VAT


To find out more about the course to or book on, call the education team on 01202 876734 or complete the form below: