We are excited to launch Entity Dip & Buff prep products refill bottles! So now when your usual 5oz bottles start to get low on product you can easily refill with your new 2oz bottles! 


We’ve spoken to Entity Creative Director, Robert Nguyen, to get his top tips on how to use the Dip & Buff system. Robert, also known as NailGuyTV is a world renown Nail Artist and co-owner of Nail Salon, House of Polish. As the Creative Director of Entity Nails he travels the globe attending trade shows and photo shoots as well as working with product development curating collections for each season. so you can get the best results from this revolutionary treatment.





How to use Entity Dip & Buff

  1. Prep nails with Entity 180 grit file
  2. Cleanse nails with Entity Natural Nail Prep
  3. Apply prep on all 10 fingernails
  4. Apply base on 1 nail and dip into powder (continue on rest of nails). ROBERT TIP *I recommend doing 1 hand at a time, sometimes it helps to make a habit of wiping the brush clean on a nail wipe* 
  5. Use a fluffy brush to remove the excess powder. ROBERT TIP *This is key because a lot of people don’t remove all the excess powder and it will get stuck on the base coat brush when they do the 2nd coat*
  6. Apply BASE and dip 1 nail  into the powder. Use brush to remove excess powder. ROBERT TIP *Although not necessary I apply activator right after removing the excess powder. This will create a smoother finish*
  7. If you have not applied activator on nails then do so now.
  8. Buff nails with Entity 100/180/220/280 files.
  9. Cleanse nails with Entity Natural Nail Prep.
  10. Apply Entity Activator on 1 hand.
  11. Allow 30 seconds for the activator to absorb into the nail.
  12. Use a dry nail wipe and wipe over the nails that were freshly activated.
  13. Apply Entity Top Coat thinly to each finger. ROBERT TIP * Do this and wipe the top coat brush on a clean wipe after each application* 
  14. Apply the second coat of Entity Top Coat. ROBERT TIP * Wipe the top coat brush on a clean wipe after each application*
  15. Leave nails for about 2 to 3 minutes to fully dry. ROBERT TIP *Do not use a fan or light to try and speed up the curing process* 
  16. Repeat steps 10 to 15 on the other hand.

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