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Entity Studio One PolyGel Skill Building Course

  Entity Studio One PolyGel is the latest technology in nail enhancements that will reshape the way you do nails. Studio One PolyGel by Entity gives you the lightweight feel of natural nails with the durability of acrylics. This versatile product is light enough to create nail enhancements on natural nails, strong enough to build

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Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design

RAVE ART & DESIGN Whether you are a nail art newbie or a seasoned professional nail artist the Gel II® Rave Nail Art & Design class is designed for everyone looking to hone their skills and be inspired! Any nail professional will be able to elevate their skill set, create salon successful designs whilst adding

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Entity Dip & Buff Course

ENTITY DIP AND BUFF This is a course for those looking for a system that can offer a fast solution to strong, lightweight nails, with just a simple ‘dip’ in the Entity dip tray and a quick buff, you can be confident to leave your clients nails with a coating that has the feel of

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Skyscraper® FIX IT! course

FIX IT! Do you have client’s arrive to their nail appointment with the occasional broken nail? Do they look to you to FIX IT? Well, now you can! Natural Nail Care Professionals enter into the world of Skyscraper® Enhancements with our 1 day Skyscraper® FIX IT! Class. Skyscraper® Removable Builder Gel is designed to smooth,

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IBX™ Repair Treatment

IBX REPAIR TREATMENT IBX is the newest ‘treatment’ in the nail industry that repairs like no other… from the inside! IBX is a must have for any treatment menu if you are already offering gel polish services to your clientele. Do you have clients that just can not get on with ANY gel polish? Perhaps

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