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Nail Courses in all regions of the UK. Nail training courses for beginners through to advanced. Gel II courses, Acrylic nail courses, Gel Nail courses and complete nail courses.



IBX™ Repair Treatment

IBX REPAIR TREATMENT IBX is the newest ‘treatment’ in the nail industry that repairs like no other… from the inside! IBX is a must have for any treatment menu if you are already offering gel polish services to your clientele. Do you have clients that just can not get on with ANY gel polish? Perhaps

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Conversion Gel Polish Courses

Gel II® Gel Polish Conversion / Foundation Course Pre Requisite – manicure qualification or other gel polish certificate.  Recent 2nd time winner of the ‘Best Gel Polish of the year’ award – voted by the consumer, there has never been a better time to convert to the UK’s fastest growing Gel Polish brand ‘Gel II®’,

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Conversion Manicure & Pedicure Courses

Pure Organics® Manicure and Pedicure Conversion Course This course introduces you to the award winning Pure Organics® luxury manicure and pedicure system, a six-step system using innovative, professional products and techniques. Pure Organics® manicure and pedicure spa products are organically based, designed by professionals for professionals to give a purely relaxing and luxurious spa experience

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Beginners Manicure & Pedicure Courses

Gel II® Manicure 2 Day Beginners Course This is a course for those wanting a career in natural nail care, it gives you the knowledge to become a natural nail care specialist in the ever- popular gel manicure industry. This course is based around the award winning Gel II® gel polish manicure system. We believe this to be

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Beginner Nail Courses

This section is for complete beginners to jump into the ever-growing nail industry and build a foundation for a successful career. These jam packed days are focused theory sessions to inform and enlighten you, as well as hands-on sessions to practice and perfect your skills. You’ll graduate ready to begin a new career as

Nail Conversion Courses

This is a range of nail courses for Qualified Manicurists and Nail Technicians who want to convert to the La Palm systems. Our conversion courses are fun yet informative. Each course is supported with a full conversion kit, and on-going support from the The Creative Beauty Group. Gel II® Gel Polish Conversion / Foundation Course Pre

Advanced Nail Courses

  ENTITY ADVANCED NAIL ARTISTS PROGRAMME Our Advanced Nail Artists Education Programme is designed for the passionate nail artist. Keeping your foot in the door of education makes you BIGGER, BETTER & DIFFERENT! Our programme consists of four courses: • Entity Nail Artists Reality Nail Course – Nudité Turn up your client’s satisfaction with Entity’s

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