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Lashnv™ Classic – Level One Lash Extensions

Lashnv™ Lashes was introduced to the lash industry back in 2015, and is now one of the most respected brands in the UK. Year after year, the demand for eyelash extensions increase and with it still holding its place as one of the most lucrative beauty services in the UK can you afford NOT to

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Lashnv™ Volume – Russian Volume Lashes

Commonly known as ‘Russian Volume’ the treatment consists of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural lash in a fanned out shape. Between 3-4 volume lashes are applied to each of your own; resulting in between 200-400 lashes per eye instead of the classic 1:1 ratio. The extensions used feel like silk feathers and are

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Brownv™ Microblading Course

Brownv™ is the latest revolutionary brow treatment combining expert knowledge with fantastic products to create the perfect brows.
Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make up, also known as eyebrow embroidery and it was first introduced in Asia. Hairstroke techniques and soft tap powdering gives you the skills to create the perfect brow. The microblading tool contains

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Beauty Therapy Diploma Level 2 & 3 Exclusive

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Lashes to dye for with Lashnv™

Lashnv™ debuts at Olympia Beauty Show London!
Lashnv™ made its debut appearance this weekend at the Olympia Beauty show in London! With over 20,000 visitors to one of the biggest beauty exhibitions in the country it was time to show everyone what Lashnv™ could do for you and your business! We had the lovely Jemma and

Lash Lift Course

Create Lashnv™ amongst your clients without the use of eyelash extensions!

Lashnv™ is an exciting new brand that has joined us at The Creative Beauty Group. Lashnv™’s Lash Lift system is exactly what your client are looking for if they are left less than satisfied with semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Lashnv™ delivers instant results that last longer than any

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