It is so important to make sure that the course you are sitting on is fully accredited. If not, you will not be insured and put yourself and your client at risk. When you’re making the decision about which beauty course to study it’s essential to choose one that will help to get your career in the industry off to the best possible start. Whether you’re looking to work for a salon or other employer, or setting up on your own, an accredited beauty course can help you to take that first essential step. Here are just a few reasons why you need to go for a course that is accredited:


In order to maintain accredited status, course providers need to show that they are delivering a certain quality and standard of training. This includes working with the right training professionals and ensuring that training facilities are up to scratch. When you choose an accredited beauty course this demonstrates to clients and the industry that your training has been to a specific standard.


Studying on a beauty course can help you to start building a career in the industry – if you choose the right course. Accreditation is an indication that you’re going to get good value for money from the option that you pick. An accredited course will cover what you need to know for your chosen profession and enable you to start working straight away. Other courses may leave gaps in your knowledge or require further skills or experience to be acquired before you can start to build your business.


Accredited courses are recognised by others within the industry and this can be crucial for a number of reasons. For example, if you’re looking to work for a beauty industry employer, being able to show that you’ve studied an accredited beauty course will support your application and demonstrate that you’ve been trained to their minimum standards. An accredited course could also be useful if you’re setting up on your own with employees, or looking to go into business with someone else. It’s much easier to establish relationships with others in the industry if your training is accredited.


Studying an accredited business course can also make a difference in your business too. For example, you may find it difficult to obtain insurance if you are working alone and you haven’t completed an accredited beauty course – some insurers are simply not willing to insure a beauty professional without recognised training. When it comes to attracting customers, accredited training is a great way to build trust. Most potential clients will want to see evidence of training before they are willing to make a booking and accredited courses provide much more credibility than those that are not accredited.




Who Accredits The Creative Beauty Group Course?

Lipnv No Needle Filler courses will allow you to obtain accredited and recognized certification in the delivery of non-injectable treatments that demonstrate to meet the non -surgical cosmetic procedures of 2018 HEE guidelines.

Our structured courses are accredited by industry leader, CPD. The requirements of CPD approval are aimed at ensuring that our students are properly trained, in the use and application of any products that we deliver in our courses – thereby making sure that learners needs and of course safety comes first.

You can find our registered Accreditation (12465/A016958) listed o the CPD website HERE.


Our other courses are accredited by ABT ( Association of Beauty therapy ) such as Lashnv Lift and Brownv Lamination. Having our courses accredited gives us the seal of approval and recognition they deserve. As a learner, it gives you the confidence that you’re training with the best and sets standards high.

You can find us on the ABT website HERE