Our Advanced Nail Artists Education Programme is designed for the passionate nail artist. Keeping your foot in the door of education makes you BIGGER, BETTER &powder jars DIFFERENT!

Our programme consists of four courses:

• Entity Nail Artists Reality Nail Course – Nudité

Turn up your client’s satisfaction with Entity’s award winning Nudité corrective powders. Nudité is specifically designed to hide flaws and create beautiful, natural looking nails on clients with short or damaged nail beds without the trouble of mixing.

• Entity Nail Artists Salon Nail Course – Tip and Overlay

Create the perfect enhanced tip and overlay nail on any nail type using Entity’s Evolution Tips. A class designed to meet both the needs of the artists and the demands of the salon, using Entity’s exclusive powders and liquids which have been designed with one idea in mind to put the science of professional nail care in the hands of you the nail artist.

• Entity Nail Artists Competition Style – Sculping Coursescultping forms

Learn the art of sculpting on a form creating the competition style c-curve on every nail type. Using the finest professional system of products to create the most beautiful sculptured enhancements.

• Entity Nail Artists French Alternative Course

Create the perfect pink and white enhancement with award winning results. Using a hybrid blend of cosmetic quality co-polmers designed for effortless workability and unsurpassed resilience.