The No Needle Filler treatment is relatively new to the beauty industry and as a result there are many myths and misconceptions. You might have read some horror stories and are now questioning whether to book onto the course . We have decided to tackle some of these rumours so you can share these honest answers with your colleagues and clients!

Insurance Is Really Expensive

We have partnered with insurance company – Westminster Insurance who offer No Needle Filler insurance for just £232 per year.

You Need A Medical Background To Perform The Treatment

As this treatment is non-invasive and classed and non-mesotherapy you do not need a medical background to sit the course. However, you will have to submit 5 case studies which will be reviewed by your tutor before becoming a qualified Lipnv™  No Needle Filler professional.

The Treatment Is Very Painful For Clients

Majority of clients describe this treatment as pain-free, especially when compared to traditional needle injections. Some say this sensation is like ‘pins & needles’ whereas others say they can’t feel a thing! Each client is different and you should discuss any concerns they have during the consultation.

It Doesn’t Last As Long As Traditional Needle Injections

The Dermal Filler lasts 2-6 months depending on client aftercare, filler used and how much is administered. During the course we will teach you the techniques needed to get maximum longevity.


There Are Severe Side Effects

Because the treatment uses pressure to insert filler they may be bruising and swelling, as with needle injections, but side effects are minimal. We also provide Lipnv™ Aftercare Leaflets and Lipnv™ Cooling Lip Masks to help clients post-treatment.


We hope this has answered some of your queries! You can find out more about the Lipnv No Needle Filler treatment HERE. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any further questions.