Lashnv™ Lash Launch 2018

Finally! Lashnv™ has evolved! A brand that was once renowned for its success of LIFTNG both the natural lash and salon revenue – Lashnv™ now offers a full range of individual lash extensions, to create both the traditional ‘classic’ look, and for those that desire lashes with VVV Volume!

All Eyes On Us!

Founder of Lashnv Lashes, Layla Tourh, on the seminar stage, @ Beauty UK.

Ahead of its launch of its lash extension line at Beauty UK, it seemed the perfect opportunity to re-visist the Lashnv™ slogan and jazz it up a bit! It didn’t take long for Lashnv™ founder Layla Tourh to come up with its new sassy slogan ”All Eyes On Us” – and boy did it live up to it at at the launch of Lashnv™ Lashes, at Beauty UK.  Layla says ”I was thinking about what the word Lash ENVY actually means, and so once I had a play with words, I came up with ”All Eyes On Us” – it also lends itself well for future marketing;  ‘All Eyes On Us’, ‘All Eyes On Them’, and ‘All Eyes On You’!

Layla continues ”I was never really in a rush to bring lash extensions to our portfolio of brands, especially with there being so much choice out there – but it was ultimately our customers who were always asking us to serve their business, and so in true supply and demand style, I started my market research in Europe to find the best quality lash adhesive and lash products… and the rest is history!

Lashnv Summit 2018

The final day with Genevieve Harding, the lash artist that Layla invited along to the Lashnv Summit.

Before the launch of Lashnv™ Lashes, a 3 day teacher training event took place in a nearby hotel to the NEC – this event was perfectly planned, as those that would have been attending, were also to use their third and final day on the show floor. Before the final day of the Lashnv™ Summit, the newly recruited Lashnv™ Educators would have gone through their presentation skills, and ultimately, put them to use at the beauty show. It would appear that they were all complete naturals, and as if they had been teaching for years!

Lashnv Educators Kerri, Sophie and Luida, all doing a fantastic job on stand M20 @ Beauty UK!

Lashnv™ Lashes takes to the stage at the NEC!

Sunday 20th May saw the launch of the much awaited lash extension line Lashnv™ Lashes. The stand was busy from the get go, and the new Lashnv™ Educators were certainly kept busy by on-lookers wanting to know more!microblading training Bournemouth

There were 3 demo stations on the go, constantly; offering everything from Lashnv™ Lift, to Lashnv ™ Classic and Lashnv™ Volume. Sister brand ‘Brownv™ Brows’ was also there! With Micro-blading trainer Jemeila Tourh, based in Bournemouth, was on hand to demonstrate and advise those who were considering taking their brow skills to the next level by introducing miccroblading to their salon offerings.


Lashnv Education is now available nationwide!


Bournemouth – Monday July 2nd 
? Liverpool – Wednesday 18th July
? Manchester – Thursday 19th July
? Glasgow – Monday July 2nd
? Edinburgh – Monday 9th July
? Aberdeen – Monday 23rd July
? Leeds – Sunday 1st July
? Cambridgeshire – Monday 2nd July
? Hertfordshire & Essex – Sunday 1st July
? Coventry – Tuesday 26th June
? Birmingham – Monday 25th June


To come and have the best lash training in your area, simply fill out the below contact form, and the Customer Care team will do the rest! We look forward to inspiring you, and taking your business to the next level of lashing!

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